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Top Five Things to Do as a Tourist in Medellin, Colombia

If you are looking for options to vacation in Colombia, or if you want to decide to vacation in Latin America, you will be amazed by your decision to visit Medellin.

However, Medellin is a Colombian travel destination known for its lack of tourist activities. Why should you visit it? For the lack of tourists, of course! Medellin is a great option to have the opportunity to get to know a Colombian city that is not overcrowded with tourists and where you can get an authentic feel for the country and its people.

You’ll spend a pleasant few days in the city that can include any of the following activities:

1) Rock climbing in El Penol

A two-hour drive from Medellin is the imposing free-standing rock of El Penol. A breathtaking climb up steep steps carved into the vast stone wall takes you to the top and offers spectacular views. More adventurous types can arrange the equipment to attempt a climb.

2) Get a dose of internationally renowned art

Fernando Botero, an internationally known sculptor from Medellin, is famous for his large human figures. Visitors to Plaza Botero can see and interact with his sculptures, as well as other works, in the more formal setting of the Museo de Antioquia.

3) Watch a flower parade the size of a world record

Medellin is known for its temperate climate as the city of eternal spring, which makes every season ideal to visit. However, you can see the best of Medellin in early August when the Flower Festival (Fería de las Flores) is scheduled. A series of parades, concerts, speeches, craft sales and impromptu parties.

4) Meet the World’s Greatest Drug Dealer

If you don’t know who Pablo Escobar is, you probably don’t know that people are selling illegal drugs for money. Tour operators offer visitors a chance to learn about the hometown of the infamous Colombian who was killed in a police shootout in 1992. The tour includes a visit to Escobar’s grave at the local cemetery, which runs through the old headquarters of his cartel (now ironically a drug rehab unit), the roof where he was shot, and the collection of private planes that always still lying at the local airport, part of his $ 20 billion heirlooms that were ultimately confiscated by the Colombian government.

5) Taking to the skies

If you don’t want to see Medellin and the surrounding area at street level, tour operators offer the option of paragliding flights. Those who don’t have the know-how to pull strings and ride the thermals can take a tandem flight, sit back and enjoy the view while their pilot does the hard work.

Medellin is a city with an exciting mix of culture, history and influences. It is the goal to give you an insight into a real work city during your vacation in Colombia.

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