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Comprehensive guide on what to know as a tourists before travelling to Edinburgh, Scotland

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Edinburgh is a beautiful city and the capital of Scotland, England. It was built at the foot of Edinburgh Castle, which has many fascinating historical sites. Of course, there are also annual military tattoos, and you will be able to see the Royal Guard in full here. This is a truly fascinating experience.

Best time to travel to Edinburgh

Edinburgh is located in the north of England, which means the weather is not ideal. However, summer may be mild and dry, and winter will turn Edinburgh into a snowy winter wonderland. The best time to travel to Edinburgh maybe summer or winter, as there may be heavy rainfall in spring and autumn.

Places to visit in Edinburgh

There are many things to do and see in Edinburgh. If you are interested in paranormal phenomena, you can visit one of the many spooky ghost tours, such as the ghost tour in the catacombs. Of course, Edinburgh Castle is undoubtedly an attraction not to be missed. There are also many small museums, usually dedicated to Edinburgh’s history or whisky distillery, where you can usually taste some of the world’s best whiskies and Scotch whiskies.

Edinburgh is also famous all over the world for its wonderful zoo. If you have a lot of time, it is a must-see attraction. However, please make sure that you have at least one day for this visit so that you can truly enjoy it.

Edinburgh’s restaurants and bars

There are many restaurants and bars in Edinburgh, where you can taste a variety of cuisines, from gorgeous small pastries to five courses. Of course, to visit Edinburgh, you must first taste Haggis, the national dish of Scotland or any deep-fried food provided, including deep-fried pizza! Of course, you can also choose some healthier options.

Edinburgh is a very large student city and nightlife is born for this, with lovely bars and modern bars. You will spend a wonderful evening in Edinburgh.

Traffic in Edinburgh

Driving through Edinburgh city centre can be dangerous, and many travellers are advised to make full use of the many parks and cycling facilities around Edinburgh. However, renting a car is still a good idea when visiting Edinburgh, as the surrounding area of? Edinburgh is fascinating. Rosslyn Chapel is famous for the current location of the Holy Grail, for example, only a few hours’ drive from the hotel. You can also travel through the Scottish borders and try to find the many alleged graveyards of Robert Bruce or his heart. Most major car rental companies operate in Scotland, such as Avis, Sixt, Thrifty and Hertz, to name a few.

A real trip to Edinburgh will allow you to visit the most beautiful areas of Scotland, and from small to large, everyone can enjoy interesting activities.

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