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Heedful Travel Tips for Tourists Planning Holidays to Hong Kong

Are you a Tourist Planning for Holidays to Hong Kong and searching for travel tips?

The former British colony is one of the most economical destinations in the world. This thriving city offers great cuisine, vibrant shops and ecstatic excursions. The zing of this city enchants even the most intelligent tourists who lure them back. Predictably, millions are planning a vacation to experience the riddle of these world citizens. Here are some tips on flights, admission requirements, municipalities and health to ensure an uninterrupted vacation.

Flight tips

Being one of the most popular tourist destinations is not close to domestic flights. Some of the popular airlines offering international, Cathay Pacific, KLM, Emirates, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic and Air New Zealand. Cathay Pacific is a flag company and is without a doubt a favourite when it comes to booking flights to the city.

Those planning a vacation to Hong Kong can get cheap flights during the period from March to May. These months are generally witnessing travel agencies and airlines rolling out great discounts and airfare.

Advice on admission

Visa requirements

It is part of the People’s Republic of China, it remains a separate administrative area with its own immigration control. Britons planning a luxury holiday in Hong Kong can stay there for up to six months without a visa.

Passport requirements

Passports must be valid for the intended stay. A UK citizen is usually allowed a six-month entry fee upon arrival, but only if the passport is valid for six months or more. If a passport has a validity of fewer than six months, the Directorate of Immigration will grant Hong Kong one month longer than the planned stay, if the validity of the passport allows this.

Travel with children

Single parents or guardians accompanying children should keep in mind that some destinations request documentation confirming the relationship before allowing them to enter, or in some cases, before allowing children to leave. Those looking for comprehensive information on the same can contact the relevant London authorities.

Visits to mainland China

Britons travelling to mainland China via Hong Kong must obtain a Chinese visa as British passport holders do not receive a visa upon arrival at the Chinese border. Tourists who do not follow these guidelines could be fined and possibly detained by the Chinese authorities.

Visitors coming to Hong Kong via mainland China and returning via the mainland should be aware that they need to have double or multiple visas to China.

Health Council

Britons planning a luxury holiday to Hong Kong may have to undergo a heart screening test at the border. Further medical tests may be performed, depending on the results of the temperature tests.

Basic precautions against dengue fever are preferably recommended as it is common when travelling.

See a doctor before you go and make sure your vaccinations are up to date.

Those looking for more information on vaccination requirements, health and general disease prevention and prevention information can visit the National Travel Health Network and NaTHNaC and NHS Scotland, Fit for Travel websites.

Local laws and practices

Garbage and spitting can cause fines on the spot. Similarly, there are heavy penalties and fines for avoiding tickets to travel on the Mass Transit Railway (MTR).

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