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Immigrate to the United States of America and discover the process to Apply for Green Card in the USA

Immigrate to the United States of America and discover the process to Apply for Green Card in the USA

The green card is officially called the US permanent resident card, which authorizes immigrants to live and work permanently in the United States. It is a legal certificate proving the status of immigrant permanent residents. Through it, a person enjoys equality with Americans in rights and at the same time has the citizenship of his home country. The period is ten years and must be renewed by submitting a renewal application. Despite its multiple benefits, the card is informally called a green card because of its colour, but there are still some disadvantages because the cardholder can be required to leave the United States if certain conditions of its status are not met. It is issued by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (US Citizenship and Immigration Services), formerly known as the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Different ways to get USA Green Card visa

To obtain a USA permanent resident card, the immigrant has many options to suit his needs. they are:

• Investment-based-immigration through investment
•Employment-based-immigration through employment
• Green card lottery-immigration through multiple lotteries
•Family-based immigration through family members
• Obtain an ID card through asylum/refugee status
•According to the “Immigration and Nationality Act” or an immigration law approved by the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency

USA Green card Application process

There are different procedures for applying for a green card, depending on which category the immigrant belongs to. However, some general procedures that apply to all immigrants are:

Eligibility criteria: A person must meet certain conditions to be able to reside permanently in the United States.

• He should meet any of the qualifications in the Immigration and Nationality Act.

• In the case of obtaining an investor visa, his employer or relative or the applicant himself should submit an immigration petition and be approved. In most cases, this is what immigration requires, which not only enhances his immigration ability but also determines his immigration category.

• He must have an immigrant visa. Immediate family members of U.S. citizens can obtain visas immediately. However, for others, their visa is determined by factors such as immigration category and immigration origin.

• Immigration must prove to the consular officer that he is eligible for immigration.

Immigrant visa judgment: This step involves immigrants applying to USCIS to change their current status to permanent resident status, or applying to DOS for an immigrant visa. This process includes the following two processes:

The status adjustment-This process has been adopted by individuals in the United States. According to this procedure, the Immigration and Nationality Act will change a person’s immigration status in the United States to permanent immigration after a series of inspections. After accepting the “Adjustment of Status” application, the applicant is not allowed to leave the United States unless, for some reason, the applicant can leave the United States with the travel documents of the US Immigration Service. There is also a provision under which applicants can start work without having made a decision through the employment authorization document. After a thorough inspection of all necessary documents, security checks, and interviews (required in some cases), the green card will be approved and mailed to the applicant.

The consular processing-This process is used by people who live outside the United States and want to immigrate to the United States as a permanent resident. In this case, the person applies for an immigrant visa to the US Embassy. After the consulate officials judged and approved the incident, the embassy issued an immigrant visa. With this visa, the applicant can enter the United States as an immigrant, followed by a permanent resident card, which will be sent to his address after applying for a visa for the immigrant upon entry.

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