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Technology Careers

Technology career gives a lot of professionals the opportunity to work in many industries, which includes healthcare and business. Careers in technology can be pursued in several environments.

Examples of technology careers

1.Computer programming

A bachelor’s degree is required in order to start computer programming

Computer programmers job is basically writing code to make computers,create softwares and make other applications run successfully.Top Technology companies in Nigeria

2.computer science

This is another technology career. This requires a Master’s or bachelor’s degree. Computer science includes the design and implementation of new softwares. Computer scientist creates new ways ad methods to computing through new technology terms and improved designs.

3.Database Management

Database workers tend to consume large amount of data due to the nature of the job. Database managers organise and store data for later use.They also make sure that their client’s data is being managed and stored safely.The requirements for the database manager is a bachelor’s degree .

4.Data science

Data science uses different scientific methods to synthesize data and yield active insights.Data science includes data mining and machine learning.Entrepreneurship jobs in Nigeria

Professionals in data science are required to have a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

5.Data visualization

The requirements for data visualization is a bachelor’s degree.

This field helps organizations understand the major and important trends in data.It so allows professionals to use raw data and create a graphical representation of the research.

6.Information systems

One among the numerous technology careers is the information systems. Entry requirement in this industry is a bachelor’s degree.

systems professionals collect and share information to several branches of a company.These professionals ask create and store digital storage systems for information.

7.Network Security

Requirements for this profession is a bachelor’s degree.

network security professionals protect and secure the computer and network systems from different forms of virus and external attacks.These professionals also keep private data safe while maintaining security methods

8.Software engineering

This is one among the technology careers. Software engineering requires a bachelor’s degree and a knowledge of programming languages These engineers creates ways to upgrade existing software and designing of new applications to meet the changing needs of users.

9.Web development

Web developers at least should have an associate degree.The web development is basically about creating and designing of websites.These professionals write code to create websites and design to meet up to their client’s expectations.

10.Mobile application developer

The application developer create an app which is suitable for business,they create an app that is engaging and relevant

11.IT security specialist

Security specialist are professionals who provide a very secure IT infrastructure which can give the management peace of mind and they also convince their clients that any information they Sharee with the company will be kept safe.

12.Video game developer

Video game developer is a very unique career basically for video gamers.Thwir job is basically designing the initial games which includes aesthetics.Apart from designing games they also program and test the games to make sure they satisfy the needs of the players.

13.Legal hackers

This is also a technology career. Hacking can be done legally it’s not only done illegally .Legal hacking can also be referred to as white hat hacking,it involves testing the IT security of the company’s system and evaluating it’s vulnerabilities.

14. Computer hardware engineer

This profession includes design, development and monitoring of computer hardware.This job is similar to that of electronic engineers,the difference is that hardware engineers concentrate basically on computer technology.


These professionals use available data to make decisions that have lot of information.They also collect information , experiment designs and also give reports on conclusions.The statisticians work in various sectors such as healthcare, sports, education,e.t.c

16. Computer network architect

This profession involves the designing and keepingof data communication networks.The main duties include upgrading hardware to meet the requirements of the computer network, crafting plans for data communication networks.This profession requires analytical, leaderships and organizational skills.

17. Cloud administrator

The cloud technology has lot of benefits which include improvement in collaboration and accessibility.It is necessary for organizations to have a cloud administrator for the purpose of making the best out of the person’s ability to contribute to the company’s adoption of cloud technology.The aim of the cloud technology Is making sure that the cloud platform tools are delivering the best performance without any external interruption.

18.Business intelligence analyst

These professionals job is gathering of information that an organization use in asking right decisions.They also mine data from different sources,analyze the data trends they recommend solutions and also determine the actions that the organization needs to fulfil it’s aims and objective

19. SEO consultant

The requirements of an SEO consultant is to ensure the presence of good content that ranks the clients on the first page of search engine sites.you will also need to know to optimize videos and photos to attain the top spot in search engines .

20. UX designer

This is a person who create products that provides meaningful experience to customers.The main job of UX designer is to design for a unique experience.

21. Artificial intelligence engineer

This is also known as AI. A lot of organizations are demanding AI in order to improve efficiency,cut cost and also to increase profitability.It is advisible for all companies to have a knowledgeable AI engineer in order to assist in making the AI come up with faster and better decisions.AI engineers need to have knowledge in software development,data science and data engineering.

22.Accessibility specialist

These professionals improve the accessibility of specific products, making sure they that they are vert easy to use. They work with product, user experience and user interface designers.

This jobs requires making of products in such an accessible way to allow all users have access to it

23. Interaction designer

This is about creation of interaction between products and users This job also makes effective communication easier.

24.Agile software developer

Agile software development requires permanent development to ensure that the software doesn’t have security issues and display problems.There are several principles that guide agile software development, which includes simplicity, regular adjustments, building projects around motivated and trusted individuals, physica communication during the development of the project, and accepting changing requirements.

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