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Top Technology companies in Nigeria

A technology company is also known as tech company which is an electronic based company which comprises of businesses relating to digital electronics,soft ware and internet related services. Although technology companies keep multiplying rapidly, there are however top technology companies in Nigeria.HOW TO CHOOSE THE BEST PR-EMED MAJOR

Top technology companies in nigeria


This is one of global tech companies and it has a branch office in Nigeria

2. Flutter wave

One of the top tech companies in Nigeria is Flutterwave.If you are very fond of using online banking platforms, you will agree with me that flutter wave is top when it comes to ranking.

3. Andela

One of the top tech companies in Nigeria is Andela. In fact, it’s the first best software company in Nigeria is Andela.How to Write a Blurb for Your Novel

4. MTN Nigeria

This is the leading and most patronized network in Nigeria’s telecommunication industry as of today.
Research shows that MTN is not only a popular tech company in Nigeria but rather, it’s a company that is used by 90% of Nigerians.

5. Hotels.ng

This blog  has become one of the most used and recognized hotel booking websites in the world.

With beautiful vision, this tech company takes it upon itself to find and provide good accommodation for tourists and travelers by booking a nice hotel for them.
Though it all began as a small company, however, their quality service, as well as consistency, has made them worth what they are today

6. ULesson

This technology has made learning easier i.e learning without going to school but you can now learn online.
Before, the only way to read, write, and learn is to go to school, get oneself a tutor to learn from, or use textbooks.

7. Opay

The Opera pay which is popularly known as Opay is one of the best online paying platforms,it’s it mostly used by Nigerians,and people prefer using it for their transactions other than using normal banks.

8. Jumia

This is an online market place or an online store.
The online store is very unique,and friendly.There’s no need for special registration and every sale there is legit.
Jumia makes buying and selling easier for many Nigerians in the comfort of their homes.

9. Paystack

This is an online payment gateway, it makes life easier for Nigerians when it comes to receiving funds sent that is being sent from abroad.
Back then the ability of Nigerians was limited in terms of online services because there was no means of receiving payment.But paystack has made sending and receiving of funds from international countries easier.

10. International Business Machine (IBM)

The IBM technology company is a multinational company that deals with hardware and software.
This company develops and sells software and hardware, it is on of the companies that has contributed In making most of the organizations in Nigeria go digital within a short while.

11. Ericsson Nigeria

This is one of the most relevant in the midst of other top technology companies in Nigeria.
Importantly, Ericsson Nigeria is one of the few technology and software companies that exposes Nigerians to the importance and usefulness of technology.

12. Oracle

This is said to be the world’s most patronized and leading business software provider.
Oracle has a branch here in Nigeria and It is one of the biggest tech companies in the world.

13. Interswitch Limited

For a long time now,the Interswitch inception has been performing wonderfully well in its industry.
The company is used for making online transactions easier and faster in Nigeria and in most African countries as a whole.
What’s more, Interswitch had been ranked as one of the top tech companies in Africa that are into payments processing for businesses.

14. Dataflex

This is also one of the oldest software and tech companies in Nigeria. This company renders uninterrupted internet service to Nigerians.
The company has been operating in Nigeria for quite some time now and it has grown to the extent of having international partners with Microsoft, Oracle and so many others.

15. Globacom

This is the first indigenous Nigerian owned telecommunication company and also among the leading firms in the IT industry and telecommunications sector.
GLO’s submarine cable extends from the United Kingdom to the West African coasts, providing ultra-fast internet connections to Nigerians as well as other West African countries.
The Globacom primary service is providing cheap data and telephony services

16. Airtel Nigeria

This is a recognized telecommunication company in Nigeria, that provides postpaid, prepaid, and 4G services for Nigerians.Many people prefer busing this internet service because it’s cheap and affordable
Many people whose work is basically online-based, prefer to use the Airtel Network, because they have good internet bundle packages, and their service is as well very strong.

17. 9Mobile Nigeria

This was formerly recognized as Etisalat. Among all the internet service providers in Nigeria, 9mobile offers the cheapest among them all.

18. Softcom

This company has lasted for 12 years,it is an old engineering company and also has an enviable workspace, what some might refer to as one of the best designed in Nigeria.

19. Tek Experts Nigeria

This is one leading tech company, global provider of business and IT support services.

20. Microsoft

The microst is one other best ranked tech company in Nigeria

21. MainOne

This Company has a submarine cable that stretches from Portugal to South Africa, wiMicrosoft. The firm is an indigenous communication service provider of wholesale Internet services to telecom operators, ISPs, government agencies, educational institutions, and large enterprises.

22. Zinox

This is a trailblazer in Nigeria’s IT industry.Zinox Computers was launched. Nigeria’s First Internationally Certified Branded Computers came with a Naira sign and a power supply designed to the country’s unstable power.

23. Omatek

This is the first factory to locally assemble Computer cases, Speakers, Keyboards and Mouse, other than Computer systems and Notebooks in the whole of Africa.
The implementation of this factory has created a great advantage to other systems builders as well as resellers all over Africa for retailing.

24. Huawei

This is known as Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd, it is a Chinese multinational networking and telecommunications equipment and services company.The Huawei tech has a branch in Nigeria.


25. iPNX

This is an Information, Communications Technology (ICT) company which specializes in network connectivity and delivery of internet, telephony, television and software application services to corporate and residential customers.

26. Cloudware Technologies

This is basically used to design website, Applications, and software.
The Cloudware Technologies can also used for designing; Android, Blackberry, IOS, Java, Symbian & SMS and other Mobile Applications.

27. Sidmach

Known as Sidmach Technologies Nigeria Limited, this is an Information Technology (IT) company which aim is to transform lives by creating platforms that makes people work smarter and making life better for the people.

28. Chams Plc

This is a leading provide of integrated identity management systems and verification platform. Chams Plc is also the first computer technology company listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange.

29. Galaxy backbone

This is an Information and Communications Technology Services provider, wholly owned by the Federal Government of Nigeria.

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