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Benefits of ginger and garlic during pregnancy


The health benefits of ginger and garlic during pregnancy are enormous, but first, let’s look at what these vegetables are. Ginger has been used as an agent for therapy to cure illnesses and control pregnancy symptoms which includes nausea or morning sickness. For pregnant women, it helps subside symptoms of vomiting, cramps, back pain, etc

It also seems to fasten digestion and saliva flow in the body. Research shows that taking ginger could subside nausea and vomiting in some pregnant women. But pregnant women should be very cautious about their ginger intake.

Some experts worry that it could raise the risk of miscarriage, especially when over doses is being taken.

Garlic is a common cooking ingredient that adds flavor to food. Besides, it offers nutritional and medicinal benefits to promote health over time.

Again, ginger seems to help with cure nausea caused by vertigo as well. There’s an uncertain evidence about whether it helps with nausea caused by motion sickness, surgery, or chemotherapy.

It does seem to help with severe pains during periods. In a research that was done it was confirmed that more than 60% of women felt that ginger lessened period pain.

Although we’ll be looking at the health benefits of ginger and garlic in pregnancy, it will be important to know their side effects or risks.

Side effects and risks of Ginger

Aside having benefits, ginger also has its side effect; In small doses, ginger has few side effects. High doses of ginger — more than 5 grams a day — increase the chances of side effects. Ginger on the skin may cause a some form of irritation.

Eating or drinking it may cause the following:

* Unhealthy Gas

* Heartburn/indigestion

* stomachache

* Mouth irritation

Risks of ginger

Ginger may raise the risk of strange bleeding. If you have a bleeding disorder, it may not be safe. Always report to your doctor about any self herbal medications you have undergone which includes ginger.

While garlic is an excellent immunity boosting natural medicine, the real concern draws up when you think about the quantity you consume.

In as much as garlic is absolutely safe to have during the first trimester, pregnant women should be cautious about the quantity they have during the further stages of pregnancy, especially during the month of delivery. Eating raw garlic in pregnancy is something a lot of women tend to avoid.

Taking of garlic in small quantities is absolutely safe. However, since it also contains blood-thinning properties which could affect blood pressure, having too much of is not really advisable.

Another reason why some tend to avoid the herb altogether is because of the taste and smell. Since it is highly pungent, it can be rather not appetizing and might make some women nauseous at the sight.

Even though there’s a lot of advice and precautions which come along with garlic consumption in pregnancy, it is not unsafe. All you need to do is to practice small intake of it instead of avoiding it altogether.

If the taste is a problem, you can also consider adding garlic extract or other such supplements.

Again, do not consider doing anything or making any additions or deletions to your diet before consulting a doctor first

Side effects and risks of garlic

Garlic has it risk which is started below:

-Garlic is a natural blood thinner. If you consume high amounts of garlic, it may lead to unstoppable bleeding during labour or delivery, whether normal or C-section.

-Eating garlic in excessive amounts can result in low blood pressure. . During pregnancy, the blood pressure lowers due to expanding vessels in the first few weeks. However, when the blood pressure drops to a very low and dangerous level, it may send a woman’s body to shock and she might pass out.

-Garlic can increase the level of insulin release and lower the levels of glucose.


Benefits of eating ginger during pregnancy

1. Blood circulation

Ginger boosts blood circulation in your body and therefore can promotes adequate blood supply to you and your unborn baby.

2. Cholesterol levels

Ginger helps controling the cholesterol levels, thus it could help reduce the risk of high cholesterol levels during pregnancy.

3. Morning sickness

If you are suffering from morning sickness during pregnancy, you can expect relief by taking ginger as it is a soothing agent. Have homemade ginger products or ginger tea to subside those tummy issues.

4. cold and cough

Ginger is a very good remedy when it comes to treating a common cold, minor ailments and persistent cough. Your immune system gets so slow when you are pregnant, making you vulnerable to these minor ailments. Ginger can boost your immune system and help you recover.

5. Blood sugar levels

Research studies shows that ginger might help keep the blood glucose levels in check. It also aids in maintaining your energy levels high and controlling complications during pregnancy.

6. Heartburn

Ginger helps deal with heartburn. You can consume ginger tea made with a fresh slice of ginger and sugar or honey to take in between your meals. Homemade ginger ale also works.

7. Bloating

During pregnancy, digestion is very slow so to allow the baby to absorb nutrients. This might make you feel heavy, leading to bloating and gas. Take ginger before bedtime to avoid any indiigestive issues. You can also take fresh ginger juice and honey.

8. Inflammation

Ginger is anti-inflammatory in nature and it reduces inflammation and swelling during pregnancy.Medical School Interview Questions

9. Tired muscles

A cup of ginger tea a day will reduce any form of achy bones and muscles, which usually result from back pain, sciatica and swollen feet.

Benefits of eating garlic during pregnancy

Garlic has many benefits, some of which are extremely essential during pregnancy. Here are some health benefits of eating garlic during pregnancy:

1. Reduces the risk of preeclampsia

Preeclampsia also known as high blood pressure is a very harmful condition that affects most pregnant women. Garlic reduces the risk of this condition and decreases the chances of high blood pressure and protein levels in the urine

2.Increases baby weight

Research studies state that garlic helps improve the birth weight of babies who have the risk of being tiny or having a pre-term birth .

3.lowers cholesterol

The unique content in garlic, allicin helps reduce the cholesterol levels and keeps them in a healthy state. The same compound also helps thin your blood, reduces the risk of a heart attacks,shock or stroke.Symptoms and Dangers of Constipation

4. prevents cancer

Eating garlic on a regular basis can protect you against certain types of cancer, especially colon cancer. Health organizations, research studies in China revealed that garlic intake along with onions is related to lowering the risk of esophageal and stomach cancers.

In conclusion, we can therefore say the health benefits of ginger and Garlic in pregnancy outweigh their risks. Because, if taken in the right proportion, the side effects can be avoided.

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