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Eye defects and diseases


The human eyes are the organs that are responsible for reacting to colors and light and also forming images that are interpreted by the brain. Eye defects and diseases are inevitable to the human eyes.

The situation where by the eyes cannot a focused image formation onto the retina is known as eye defect.

Eye defects and diseases result to the human eyes gradually losing their power of accommodation,in such situation the person will not be able to see comfortably and distinctively.

There are several eye defects but the three common eye defects include





This is also known as short sightedness,this is a situation whereby a person cannot see distant objects.The concave lens is used for correcting myopia.Benefits of ginger and garlic during pregnancy

causes of myopia

-The elongation of the eye ball along the axis.

-The shortening of the focal length of the eye lens.

-Over stretching of the ciliary muscles far beyond the elastic limit.

The remedy of Myopia the usage of the concave lens


This is also known as long sightedness,this is a situation where a person cannot see near objects.

causes of hyperopia

-The shortening of the eyeball along the axis

-The stiffening of the ciliary muscles

-The increase in the focal length of the eye lens

The remedy to Hyperopia is the convex lens


This is commonly related to old age or ageing.This is a situation where the power of accommodation of the eye lens reduces therefore object that are far and near cannot seen clearly.

Causes of presbyopia

-when the eye looses much of it’s accommodating power due to the stiffening of the ciliary muscles

The remedy for PRESBYOPIA is the focal lenses.

Other eye defects are stated below


This is a situation where the curvature of cornea becomes irregular and images turn blur.

This type of defects occurs as a result of differences in the radius of curvature of cornea i.e The rays from objects in one plane are being brought to focus by the eye in another plane.

The cylindrical lens is as remedy for astigmatism.


This is a situation where the white membrane is developed on cornea due to the situation which a person losses power of vision partially or completely.

This eye defect can be treated by removing the white membrane through surgery

The cataract prevents a sharp and clear image from being formed.The cataract forms as a result of the lens that is sealed in a capsule and as old cells die the get trapped in the capsule and which end up resulting to clouding over the lens.


This is a situation where the eyes generate a clear fluid which fills the space between the Iris and cornea.

This type of disease is caused by an increase in intraocular pressure usually resulting from a malfunction the drainage system of the eyes.Requirements for Registration Special Control unit against Money Laundry. SCUML

Eye diseases

Eye diseases are abnormalities of infections that affects the eye and makes the eye not to function well.

Examples of eye diseases


This happens as a result too much use usage of the eyes.

When someone reads for hours,rives for long distances or works at a computer.The eyes get tired and require rest just like the other parts of the body

Always allow your eyes to rest when you feel them strained and if you still feel the same way after some few days make sure you visit your doctor for proper check.

2.Red Eyes

This is a situation where the the surface of the eyes is covered in blood vessels that expands when they’re infected which makes the eye have a red look.

Red-eyes can also be caused by eyestrain which results due to lack of sleep,allergies or an injury.It is advices to see a doctor for proper check.

Red eyes could be the symptoms of other eye conditions like sun damage or conjunctivitis.

3.Night Blindness

This is a situation where a person finds it difficult to see at night.Night blindness is causes by cataract,keratoconus,lack of vitamin A and nearsightedness.

Some people are born naturally with night blindness while others are hereditary.A person who suffers from night blindness should avoid low lights.

4.Lazy Eye

Lazy eye is also known as amblyopia,this occurs when one eye doesn’t develop or function properly.

Vision is mostly weaker in the affected eye and it tends to moves lazily around while the other eye functions actively.

This is mostly found I’m infants,children and adults but it rarely affects both eyes.lazy eye is easily treated at it’s early stage which is common in children.

The treatment for lazy eye includes:corrective glasses or contact lenses.


This is a situation where a person cannot see certain colors or cannot differentiate colors.

This happens as a result the absence of color cells I’m the eye or not functioning well.

Most people who have color blindness were born with it and it occurs mostly in men.

There’s no specific treatment yet for the color blindness but you can visit your doctor for proper check.


This is a type of disease that causes inflammation of the uvea.This disease can cause eye loss and can also destroy eye tissue.

Symptoms of uveitis include:eye pain,blurred vision,eye redness and light sensitivity.

Make sure you see your doctor when you start experiencing these symptoms.There are several treatments for uveitis depending on the type you have.

7.Dry Eyes

This is a type of eye disease that occurs when the eyes can’t make enough quality of tears,you tend to feel some particles in your eyes burning.This dryness can lead to loss of vision.

Some treatments include:using special eye drops,using a humidifier,using testosterone eyelid cream,e.t.c

8.Excess eye Tearing

This happens as a result of sensitivity to light,wind and temperature change.Always protect your eyes by using sunglasses.

A tearing eye could be a symptom of an eye infection or a blocked tear duct.

9.Eyelid Problems

The eyelid play vital roles in the eyes.The eyelid protects the eye ,it spreads tears all over it’s surface and it limits the amount of light that can get into the eyes.

Symptoms of eyelid problem includes:pain,tearing, itching and sensitivity to light.

The treatment includes:cleaning the eye properly, medication and surgery.




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