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How to Say Come Here in Chinese

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An excellent way to improve your language abilities is to learn how to say “come here” in Chinese. When you need someone to come over, you may utilize it in casual chats. The most typical Chinese words for “come here” are “lái zhèli” and “Guolái.” These words literally mean “come this place,” therefore anyone who speaks Mandarin Chinese should have no trouble understanding what you are attempting to communicate.

How to Say Come Here in Chinese

For a little more urgency, here are two phrases that might work better: 快来 (kuàilái) and 赶快来 (gǎn kuàilái). The first one means “hurry up and come,” while the second one is an even stronger command that literally translates as “rush quickly and come.”

You can also have “come here” as a verb 请 (qǐng). Add this before any of those three phrases mentioned above such as 请赶快来(qǐng gǎn kuàilái), which means something along the lines of “please rush quickly and come.”

If all else fails then just point at yourself or wherever it is that you would like them to go and say 点点头 (diǎndiǎntóu), which roughly translates into “nod your head.” This gesture usually gets across the message pretty clear.

Learning how to say ‘Come Here’ in Chinese isn’t too difficult once you get familiar with the right words and phrases. Just remember these key terms: 来这里 (lái zhèlǐ), 快来(kuàilái), 赶快来 (gǎn kuàilái),请 (qing),我在这儿 (wòzàizher), 以及点点头(diandiantou). With practice, soon enough saying ‘Come Here’ will become second nature!


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Example Sentences using Come Here in Chinese

1. Come here, I want to show you something. – 过来,我想给你看样东西 – Guòlái, wǒ xiǎng gěi nǐ kàn yàng dōngxī

2. Come here and sit down with us -过来和我们一起坐下来 – Guòlái hé wǒmen yīqǐ zuò xiàlái

3. Hurry up, come here right now – 快点,马上过来 – Kuài diǎn, mǎshàng guòlái

4. Come here and give me a hug – 过来给我一个拥抱 – Guòlái gěi wǒ yīgè yǒngbào

5. Please come here so we can talk about it together. – 请过来,我们可以一起讨论 – Qǐng guòlái, wǒmen kěyǐ yīqǐ tǎolùn

6. Hey there, come here for a minute please? – 嘿,过来一下好吗?- Hēi, guòlái yīxià hǎo ma?

7. It’s time to go home, come here quickly – 该回家了,快点过来 – Gāi huí jiāle, kuài diǎn guòlái

8. Don’t be scared, just come here ok? – 别害怕,就过来好吗?- Bié hàipà, jiù guòlái hǎo ma?

9. Look what I got -come here and see it – 看看我得到了什么 – 来这里看看 – Kàn kàn wǒ dédàole shénme – lái zhèlǐ kàn kàn

10. Come Here, I have something important to tell you – 过来,我有重要的事情要告诉你 – Guòlái, wǒ yǒu zhòngyào de shìqíng yào gàosù nǐ


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