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TED University Programs and Scholarships


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TED University Programs and Scholarships

TED University is one of the high ranking schools in Turkey. In fact, TEDU ranks 1st Place among foundation universities in Ankara at the Impact Ranking.

At TEDU, we develop our students for excellence in their career. Our academic programs ensure our students are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to fulfill the requirements of a professional life.

Also, our educational approach equips our students as critical thinkers, innovative, art-loving, and socially developed, who are ready to change the narrative for good in the community.

We also pride in a management and team of lecturers who are experts in their fields. The Rector of the university, Prof. Dr. İhsan Sabuncuoğlu is on the World’s Most Influential Scientists List.

We have schools that offer high-quality academic training in both Turkish and foreign languages.

TED University aims to be inspiring and unique in providing a transforming and liberating educational experience.

TED University carries the mission of fostering graduates that are creative, critical-minded, self-confident, well-rounded lifelong learners.

TEDU is a university which is fully integrated with the city. It contributes to the development of the environment and the society in all its aspects.

TED is a long-standing civil society organization that awards scholarships to bright students with limited financial resources, establishes schools and residence halls where foreign languages are taught both in Turkey and abroad, develops scientific platforms to advance efforts to bring the quality of education in Turkey up to par with modern global standards, raises awareness of the issues facing the Turkish educational system and potential solutions, and more. TED now has 38 schools, 2 representation offices, a residence for students, an alumni office, and numerous sports teams connected to its schools.

If you want a school that prepares you for the modern and complex world, and equips you with problems solving skill, you can proceed to check out our requirements today.

TED University Undergraduate Programs

In TEDU, there are five faculties: Architecture, Arts and Sciences, Economics and Administrative Sciences; Education and Engineering.

Although English is the medium of instruction, TEDU also offers training in Turkish and other languages.

TEDU is a progressive academic institution offering an integrated approach to higher education and a high quality student-focused educational experience.

To take part in our undergraduate degree, check out the array of courses below:

  • Arts, Design & Music
  • Languages, Literature & Education
  • Mathematics & Informatics
  • Humanities & Social Sciences
  • Business, Finance & Economics
  • Politics, History & Law
  • Engineering & Technology

TED University Masters’ Programs

In TEDU,  we offer you an opportunity to advance in your career in a growth-led,  research-based and highly competitive learning environment.

Our Master’s Programmes are as follows;

1. Engineering & Technology

  • M.Sc., Civil Engineering
  • M.Sc., Mechanical Engineering
  • Master, Mechatronics Engineering

2. Social Sciences

  • M.Sc., Developmental Focused Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology
  • M.Sc., Economics and Finance
  • Master, Migration Studies

3. Business & Management

  • M.Sc., Economics and Finance
  • M.Eng., Engineering Management

4. Computer Science & IT

  • M.Sc., Applied Data Science
  • M.Sc., Interactive Computing and Information System

5. Education & Training

  • M.Sc., Developmental Focused Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology
  • M.A., English Language Education

6. Humanities

  • M.A., English Language Education
  • Master, Migration Studies

7. Arts, Design & Architecture

  • M.Sc., Architecture and Urban Studies

8. Environmental Studies & Earth Sciences

  • M.Sc., Civil Engineering

9. Natural Sciences & Mathematics

  • M.Sc.Economics and Finance

TED University Scholarship 2022

TED Scholarship is an opportunity for interested and qualified candidates who aspire to pursue undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Turkey.

TED University Scholarship aims at supporting excellence through a scholarship for applicants that are creative, critical-minded, self-confident, well-rounded lifelong learners.

By utilizing cutting-edge teaching techniques and curricula that have the proper depth-to-breadth balance required by global knowledge economies, TED University carries out its mission of developing graduates who are creative and self-assured. It also strives to advance science by producing new knowledge through a wide range of scholarly research and creative efforts in focus areas of institutional priority.

With an emphasis on stability and sustainable development and an open learning environment, TED University hopes to establish itself as a dependable and accountable institution for all of its stakeholders. This is why you should not sleep on this opportunity.

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Scholarship Award and Duration

The Ted University Scholarship award covers tuition fee waiver up to $9,000 for successful applicants.

The award also includes a 50% decrease in accommodation cost while studying at the university.

Over 45,000 students have benefited from this scholarship opportunity. You can be next.

Eligibility for the Scholarship

  • Applicants from all countries of the world can apply.
  • Applicants must be applying to undertake an undergraduate and postgraduate course in Ted University.
  • Applicants must meet the undergraduate admission requirements of the university. If for postgraduate studies, they must meet the postgraduate requirements of TEDU.

How to Apply

To take advantage of this award, applicants should register in the undergraduate degree program at the university. You can login here to begin.

Applicants must be ready to supply the following documents:

  • Passport (data page)
  • High School Diploma. If you are yet to graduate, a Graduation Certificate taken from the high school will suffice. The expected date of graduation and the expected graduation score must be stated on the certificate.
  • An official high school transcript evidencing the scores of taken courses
  • Official copy of the exam/diploma/test results
  • If granted financial support by an institution, an official letter from the institution stating the duration and amount of the financial support.
  • Photograph
  • Updated CV
  • Bachelor’s Diploma/Student Certificate
  • English Proficiency Exam
  • Two Recommendation Letters
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Reference Letters

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