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Labour Force Job vacancies in New Zealand – Examine the possible option to get employed

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New Zealand urgently needs skilled British workers to fill vacancies in its labour force. The New Zealand Department of Labor recently released some surprising statistics. Within 10 weeks of the announcement, only 54% of New Zealand job advertisements were filled.

Occupations with a severe shortage of skilled workers in New Zealand can be found in the long-term skills shortage list (LTSSL). If you are bored with the current situation, immigrants in this country now have some very good opportunities.

Similar to Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom, prospective immigrants applying for residence in New Zealand must pass the points system to qualify. Points are awarded to applicants who meet the LTSSL specifications and are qualified or experienced in a specific industry with a confirmed job offer.

At present, there must be some very good opportunities in New Zealand. The country’s workforce has grown significantly in the past few years and will continue to grow in the coming years. The current labour force cannot keep up with the strong growth in demand for skilled workers whose labour shortage has reached record levels.

New amendments to LTSSL were made in September 2010 to help the country fill the severe shortage of skilled workers in a wide range of industries and occupations.

If you are seriously considering immigrating to New Zealand, you can contact a qualified and licensed migration agent. They will be able to assist you in finding suitable jobs in New Zealand and advise you on the main barriers to mobility.

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