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How to have a clear skin in a week

The human skin is the largest organ of the body,the skin has some derivatives which include the hair,nails,sweat and oil glands.These derivatives make up the integumentary system.The main function of the skin is protection,the skin protects the body from external factors such as chemicals, bacteria and temperature. This article will take you through on how to have a clear skin in a week.

A naturally glowing skin or clear skin is a skin that is healthy and well hydrated and people can work towards having a glowing skin by gradually implementing a skin care routine.Eating healthy diet and living a healthy lifestyle can also improve the skin glow.It is very important to avoid smoking,alcohol and uv light which could damage the skin.

What is dry skin?

A dry skin is a skin that doesn’t have enough moisture in it to keep it soft.xeroderma is a medical term for dry skin,then xerosis is a severely dry skin.A dry skin looks all patchy and scaly and a sever dry skin might crack or bleed.

Types of dry skin include:

1.contact dermatitis

This occurs when something comes into contact with the skin which causes it to have irritant or allergic reaction, symptoms include a dry, itchy and red skin.


This is a group of skin condition that causes red,dry, bumpy and itchy patches of skin,if it get severe it can cause cracking of the skin which makes it prone to infection.

3.Athlete’s foot

This refers to dry skin on the feet but it is caused by a fungus,when the fungus grows on the skin it is called ringworm.

causes of dry skin

There are certain factors responsible for dry skin which include:


As a person ages the skin’s moisture producing oil glands dry up which causes the fat in the skin to dry up which leads to thinning skin.


The skin can be affected by the temperature of your environment.Dry skin often occurs during winter.


3.Health conditions:

There are certain health conditions which results to dry skin, Examples are eczema, allergies, diabetes and kidney disease.


There are certain professions that could lead to dry skin especially for people who work outside and use chemicals.Examples of professions that cause dry skin include hairstylist,farmers and healthcare providers.

How to prevent dry skin

You can prevent dry skin at home by:

1.Cleaning the skin with a mild fragrance-free moisturizing cleanser.

2.Bathing with warm water.

3.Avoiding stress

4.Not exposing oneself to the sun

5.Moisturizing skin immediately after bath

6.using a soft towel for the skin

7.Avoid smoking


How to practice self-care for the skin

1. Give the skin some love and attention

2. Treat the skin with a facial mask

3. Feed to the body with the nutrients it craves for

4. Change your thought about hydration

5. Try to Inhale calm and exhale stress.

6. Use soft towel for the skin

7.Remember to stay Happy


How to care for the skin and achieve a clear skin

1.Daily cleansing

This is the fist tip to keep the skin clean and smooth especially the face,by cleaning the face regularly it will turn out so smooth and spotless.It is very necessary to keep the face clean and neat,it is very important to wash the face twice daily,gentle cleansers are best recommended for the face other than using harsh chemicals


Skin moisturizing is very important, in order to get a clear skin,  irrespective of the skin type it is very necessary to hydrate the skin.Moisturizing the skin is as good as supplying food to the skin to keep it healthy.Hydration supplies moisture to the skin which enhances the softness and smoothness of the skin.A dull skin can never be spotless that is why hydration is very important to the skin.


This is one of the basic steps in any kind of skin scare routine.An exfoliator helps in removing dead cells that accumulate on the skin which stops skin renewal process.An exfoliator removes unwanted dead cells in the skin that are responsible for clogging pores and causing spots on the skin.


Masking is a very important step in the skin care routine.Masking is mostly for people who have a normal dry skin. Before you know it, the skin looks healthier and you have a clear skin.

5.Healthy diet routine.

External beauty product works for the skin but healthy diets plays more vital roles

Having balanced diet which contains proteins, carbohydrates,vitamins and minerals keeps the skin good and healthy.Fruit and vegetables can also curb many skin problems and it gives the skin a natural glow.

Avoid eating packaged products, sweets and refined carbohydrates.

6. Drink plenty water

Good water intake will keep your skin hydrated,it also helps in flushing out unwanted toxins and it gives the skin a spotless and youthful appearance.

There are water based fruits and vegetables such as cucumber and water melon which can be taken also as fluid to maintain hydration.Importance of water during pregnancy

7.Removal of Makeup

Removing make-up is much more important than wearing makeup this is because when you wear makeup it clogs the pores on your skin and restricts the skin from breathing which will result to breakouts, dullness and dead cells accumulation on the face.so,it is very important to wash out makeup before you sleep.

8.The use of Sunscreen

Sunscreen helps to give the skin a smooth look,it protects the skin from sun damage,wrinkles,dark spots from occuring.The sunscreen serves as a shield to the skin

9.Have enough sleep

Enough sleep is very important to a good skin maintenance.lack of sleep causes dull and dehydrated skin,it also causes dark circles, puffiness and spots.

10.Avoid touching the face

Regular touching of the face with your hands can deposit bacteria,dirt and oils to the skin which will lead to breakouts.

11.Focus on gentle products

This is for people who prefer using extra care for their skin and it’s advisable to use gentle products.Examples of product that commonly irritate sensitive skin include:toners,alcohol based products and exfoliants.

12.Avoid hot water

Avoid using hot water on the face in hands when taking shower or bathing.Hot water can make the skin dry and cause skin damage too,it’s better to use lukewarm water insteadE-learning platforms

13.Use topical medications

Topical medication is for people with acne on their skin,there are several product such as: benzoyl peroxide,salicylic acid, topical retinods,dapsone and azelaic acid


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