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NECO Syllabus for French 2023/2024 SSCE & GCE | DOWNLOAD & CHECK NOW

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In preparation for the upcoming NECO examination, it is crucial for students to avoid aimless reading and, instead, make use of the official syllabus for each subject. This blog post aims to provide students with everything they need to know about the NECO Syllabus for French.

The syllabus serves as a valuable study resource as it contains topics from which examination questions will be derived.

What is the NECO Syllabus for French?

The NECO Syllabus for French is a comprehensive document that students should study while preparing for their forthcoming NECO Examination. It contains a list of topics from which questions will be asked during the examination. Moreover, each topic includes specific objectives that serve as key points to enhance students’ understanding.

Reasons for Releasing the NECO Syllabus:

The primary purpose of releasing the NECO Syllabus is to help students adequately prepare for their NECO examination. By providing a guide that outlines the topics to focus on, the syllabus aims to streamline students’ study efforts and ensure they cover all essential areas.

How to Use the NECO Syllabus Effectively:

Using the NECO Syllabus is a straightforward process. Students need to download the PDF document for all nine subjects included in the examination. Subsequently, they should study the topics mentioned in the syllabus using detailed textbooks. By dedicating quality time to study in accordance with the syllabus, students can increase their chances of success in the French examination.

NECO 2023 Syllabus for French:

While NECO itself did not release an official syllabus specifically for the French examination, students can utilize the WAEC syllabus as a reliable alternative. Both NECO and WAEC base their examination questions on the Nigerian Secondary School Syllabus, making the WAEC syllabus an appropriate resource for NECO preparation.

Examination Structure for NECO French:

The NECO French examination is divided into three papers. Paper 1 consists of forty multiple-choice questions, to be answered within 1 hour for a total of 40 marks. Paper 2 has two sections, each containing three essay questions.

Candidates are required to answer two questions, one from each section, within 1 hour and 15 minutes, carrying a total of 40 marks. Finally, Paper 3 evaluates candidates’ listening comprehension, reading, and conversation abilities. The test duration for this paper is 40 minutes, and it carries 50 marks.


In conclusion, for students preparing for the NECO examination, using the official syllabus for each subject, including French, is highly recommended. The NECO Syllabus for French provides an outline of topics and objectives to help students focus their studies effectively. By utilizing this resource, students can boost their preparation and increase their chances of performing well in the examination.

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