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Most Expected Topics in 2023 NECO Commerce SSCE & GCE | CHECK NOW

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Preparing for the NECO Commerce examination is crucial for students, as this subject is compulsory. To help you succeed in the exam, we have compiled the most expected topics for NECO 2023 Commerce SSCE & GCE. Studying these topics will significantly increase your chances of performing well in the upcoming National Examination Council (NECO) Commerce paper.

Why You Need This Guide:

This guide is essential for several reasons. Firstly, it provides a comprehensive list of the most expected topics in NECO Commerce, which allows you to focus your studies effectively. Secondly, questions in the exam are likely to come from these topics, making them vital for thorough preparation. By utilizing this guide, you’ll have a greater opportunity to excel in your NECO examination.

Most Expected Topics in NECO 2023 Commerce SSCE & GCE:

Below are the most expected topics in NECO Commerce for the 2023 SSCE & GCE examinations:

  1. Introduction to Commerce
  2. Occupation
  3. Production
  4. Business Units
  5. Trade Associations
  6. Business Capital and Profits
  7. Trade
  8. Purchase and Sale of Goods in Home and Foreign Trade
  9. Finance and Financial Institutions
  10. Insurance
  11. Capital Market
  12. Stock Exchange
  13. Commodity Exchange
  14. Transport, Tourism, Communication, and Warehousing
  15. Advertising
  16. Legal Aspects of Business
  17. Introduction to Business Management
  18. Economic Groupings

Recommended Textbooks:

To complement your study, we suggest the following recommended textbooks for Commerce:

  1. Senior Secondary Commerce, Book One, Two, and Three by M. O. Odedokun, P. C. Udokogu, and C. O. N. Ogugor
  2. Basic Marketing by Jerome E. McCarthy and William Perreault Jr. III
  3. Marketing by G. B. Giles (The M & E Handbook Services)
  4. Consumer Behaviour by Prof. Achumba (University of Lagos)

These textbooks contain valuable details, key points, and explanations that will aid your preparation.


Studying with the most expected topics in NECO Commerce is essential for excelling in the upcoming examinations. By using this guide and the recommended textbooks, you can be fully prepared to tackle the questions with confidence and improve your chances of success in the NECO Commerce examination. Good luck!

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