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Hair Growth home remedies

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What is hair growth?

Human hair grows everywhere on the body except the soles of the feet,mouth,lips,the back of the ears,the Navel,the eyelids and the Navel. But the emphasis here is about the hair  growth on the human head which tends to add more beauty to the human body.

Hair growth occurs when your hair grows longer and becomes thicker but if your hair reduces or has an abnormal change then that’s a signal of hair loss. The hair comes in different colours, textures and length,it’s depends on your Gene


what are the causes of hair loss that prevent hair growth?

Loss of hair can occur due to some reasons which include;

-Where a person is emotionally and physically stressed or when someone is mourning a loved one

-when there’s deficiency of iron and protein

– If one is undergoing medications such as chemotherapy

-Child birth or pregnancy and menopause

-The presence of dandruff which is a fungal infection.


-pressure on hair due to changing of hair styles regularly

-certain diseases from the thyroid gland

Some other further related causes of hair loss are stated below


Heredity is one of the major causes of hair loss and it mostly happens with aging.This type of condition is referred to as alopecia,this occurs gradually and result to baldness

2.Hormonal changes

Hormonal changes due to pregnancy causes hair loss and not just pregnancy only.


Usually, Hair loss can be as a result of side effect of certain drugs which includes drugs used for depression,cancer,heart problem,high blood pressure and gout.

4.Radiation therapy

Sometimes after a radiotherapy the hair may not grow back again or it might not be same as it was.

5.stressful event

This type of hair loss is temporary,people tend to experience a general thinning of hair for several months after a physical shock.

6.Hairstyles and treatments.

Excessive hair treatments and hair styles can result to a type of hair loss called traction alopecia. Hot Oil treatments causes hair loss which might end up being permanent


Things you need to do to avoid hair loss and promote hair growth

1. Quit smoking

Smoking doesn’t just affect the lungs but it also affect hair growth,so if you smoke you have to stop in order to prevent hair loss

2. Scalp massage

Regular massage of the scalp reduces hair loss,it improves hair growth

3. Balanced diet

A balanced diets promotes hair growth and keeps the hair in good shape.

Examples of diet include;fruits, vegetables,lean proteins, unsaturated fats,whole grains,e.t.c

4. Reduce stress

Stress Is a major cause for hair loss,hair loss occurs as a result of a stressful lifestyle.you can reduce stress by

-Exercising regularly

-Listen to music

-Having enough time to sleep

If you begin to notice some abnormal hair changes apart from the normal hair loss or damage then you should seek medical help

Such things includes:

-Where you begin to loose hair both from your body and scalp

–  Noticing the shedding of large amount of hair

-If your scalp begins to itch or burn


some home remedies for hair growth

1. Onion for hair growth

Onion is a vegetable which contains mineral zinc which treats or avoids dandruff.It also reduces the scalp oil production,it’s also beneficial for people with patchy baldness.

The onion is applied by rubbing it to the scalp till it turns red and then honey is applied.

2. Garlic for hair growth

Onions and Garlic generally are from the same family and they have the same compounds. It is very effective when it comes to hair growth.The garlic is smashed then mixed with yogurt before it can be applied to the hair,it can also be processed to oil for easy application to the scalp.

3. Hibiscus for hair growth

Hibiscus contains some formulations which can be used to promote hair growth.

Both the hibiscus leaves and flowers contain properties that will aid hair growth.The flower is soaked in hot water and the extract is applied to the hair.

4. Green Tea for hair growth

Green tea is an effective remedy for hair regrowth.The leaves are soaked in warm water and the water is applied to the hair and scalp.

5. Amla

Amla is an Indian gooseberry that has been used as a remedy for hair growth for couple of years.Amla promotes the hair by increasing the growth of the skin cells in the scalp.Amla can be processed into ointments and oil.

6. Aloe Vera for hair growth

Aloe vera is very effective when it comes to hair treatment.Aloe vera contains proteins that are almost similar to keratin.Aloe vera is basically effective in strengthening of the hair follicles i.e preventing hair damage and improving hair growth.It also treats dandruff and it moisturizes the hair.The aloe vera juice can be applied to the hair by massage or spraying it as conditioner.It can also be used as hair oil.

7. Banana for hair growth

Banana contains some hair growth properties.The unripe banana is more effective than the ripe banana.The banana fruit is smashed,boiled and then mixed with olive oil before it can applied to the hair.The banana peel can also be applied to the hair.

8. Coconut Oil for hair growth

Coconut oil provides a shiny quality and texture to the hair,it also acts as a conditioner and it prevents hair loss die to proteins from the hair.The oil also prevents hair damage and promotes hair regrowth.The oil is applied directly to the hair and massaging the scalp.


Other home remedies that can make your hair grow faster include

1.Eating the right and healthy diets

2.Trim your hair frequently

3.Reduce applying shampoo to your hair and start hydrating it

4.Stop using bleach

5.Brush your hair regularly

6.Avoid unnecessary hair styling

7.Try by all means to protect the hair from physical damage.

In conclusion the hair plays a significant role in humans,it gives them confidence,not only confidence it’s adds beauty to the body also.

Hair loss can be prevented and promoted by good hair and health maintenance,you can use the home remedies to regrow your hair and to also get a health, shiny and thick hair

It is very important to take care of your hair because it will save a lot of work and energy when the hair is damaged,so prevention is better than cure. Maintain a healthy diet,use good hair product and keep the hair clean and neat always to avoid hair damage and hair loss.

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